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May 21, 2017 by Pink Gunpowder

This assignment was used to motivate us to begin our portfolio site. I utilized Wix for my site.

  • Are you proud of what you created here? Why?

I am somewhat proud. I was rushed because I haven’t had much time to devote to creating my portfolio site. I will spend more time refining it and I am positive I will be proud of the finished product.

  • Do you understand how you’ll leverage this site moving forward? Explain.

I have always been told by family and friends that I would be a fantastic party planner, so I am going to pursue it. I feel like it is something I could really excel in. I will utilize this site to begin building a client base and booking consultations.

  • What area of your portfolio site do you feel is the strongest? Why?

I believe the strongest area of my site will be the albums once I have gained some experience and examples.

  • What area do you feel needs the most work? Why?

The same area that will be the strongest is the same area I need the most work. My client base, and experience.

  • What are 3 goals you’d like to set for yourself when revisiting this site in upcoming portfolio courses?

1. Find a way to use the upcoming assignments to build examples of my abilities.

2. Establish at least 3 clients prior to ending my program.

3. Establish at least a dozen contacts that can aid me in future work and client requests.

Here is the link to my site:



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