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May 14, 2017 by Pink Gunpowder

This assignment was used to show us how time consuming creating a web presence for a client is. This was just a small snapshot of the efforts needed, I could imagine how much more difficult it would be when you have deadlines and clients breathing down your neck as well as an enormous amount of pressure to be successful.

  • Were you able to meet all the provisions outlined in your proposal?

I feel I met the majority of the provisions I included in my site proposal. I had each page I said that I would include as well as all the necessary information. The only thing I was lacking was photographs for each menu item. I checked out Facebook and there wasn’t any titles or captions explaining what each food item was so I could not post the pictures without knowing for sure that I was posting the item described.

  • Did you propose or promise something you could not deliver?

I didn’t reach to far beyond my own capabilities at this point in time because I did not have an exhaustive amount of time available to me. I do not feel I promised anything that I could not deliver. If I would have, it would have been bad business.

  • What was the most challenging part of the process for you?

The most challenging part was making the site aesthetically pleasing. It was difficult making sure I had everything lined up and made everything look appealing.

  • Where would you like to go deeper?

I believe I would like to delve deeper into the entire creative process. Creating all my own fonts, color schemes, and photograph inclusions.

Here is the link to my completed site, enjoy

Reel Deal Taco

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