Content Management Systems (CMS)

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May 10, 2017 by Pink Gunpowder

The purpose of this activity was to research various Content Management Systems (CMS), and decide which system to utilize for the rest of our projects this month.

  • Why did you choose that particular platform?

I chose Adobe Muse because I have always found Adobe programs to be powerful as well as user friendly. There is always a little bit of a learning curve, however, once you figure it all out things fall together pretty smoothly.

  • Have you used it before? If so, what was your experience?

I have not used Adobe Muse before this class.

  • Why did you choose that particular template/theme?

The theme I chose is simple and elegant. I believe it would be appealing to many different audiences and conveys a professional persona without being stuffy and pretentious.

  • What features will you leverage to meet the business needs of your fictitious client?

I really like hoe Muse has a master page. This helps in developing the basic outline of the website you are creating. I am glad to have started with a template because it made the whole process much easier to understand and gave me just the right amount of leverage and content to get started. I have just begun utilizing Adobe Muse so I have not discovered the majority of features available.

  • Have you used any CMS that you would NOT recommend? Why?

I have used WordPress before. I really love WordPress but it irritates me that you cannot post video without having a more expensive plan. Whenever I need to paste a video I tend to default to Tumbler. I enjoy Tumbler as well, however, it is not as feature rich as WordPress and Muse.

Here is a link to my preview site with Adobe Muse, the link won’t work if you click on it so you have to copy and paste:







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