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May 9, 2017 by Pink Gunpowder


Reel Deal Tacos Company Introduction

   Looking for organic, tasty, and superb fish tacos? Well look no further. A new Taco Truck is on the scene in sunny San Diego! Reel Deal Taco is a family owned and operated food truck who’s roots began in vibrant Miami, Florida. Brenda Bueno grew up along the Miami coast, raised by Captain David Bueno, Brenda developed a love for fresh seafood and fish and the warm memories that accompanied. Brenda spent her days managing a small organic farm that supplied certified organic produce to local businesses.

   Circa 2012, Robert “Bob” Thomas opened the White Sail Tavern in Miami, providing the locals with a fresh catch daily. When Tropical Storm Barry docked half of the Tavern’s fleet, Brenda estimated the her father’s boat could supply enough fish for the weekend, or weeks, whatever was necessary to keep the Tavern running. Brenda and Bob were married shortly after. Brenda and Bob honeymooned in San Diego and so began a new dream. Combining their love for fresh ocean fare and organic fruits and vegetables, Reel Deal Taco truck was born.

   Reel Deal begins each morning perusing coastal markets, and purchasing from locally grown certified organic farms, to ensure their friends and customers only receive the best seafood, fish, and produce available. Currently, the taco truck schedules stops throughout San Diego; at the San Diego Zoo, UC San Diego, San Diego State University, the famous Hotel Del Coronado, and the Downtown Gaslamp District.

Reel Deal Taco can be found wherever fresh ideas, ocean breezes, and sunshine are abundant.

If you are interested in contacting Reel Deal, they can be reached at 619-555-REEL (7335) or at their website http://www.ReelDealSD.com

Reel Deal Advertisement for Taco Tuesday


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