Week 4 Synthesis: Curating Through MCBS

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August 27, 2015 by Pink Gunpowder

I have curated assets before using Diigo and Evernote. I have never tried Symbaloo prior to taking this course nor had I heard about it. I would have to say that, although I prefer Evernote or Diigo, Symbaloo was a fine web app as well. I have found that curating assets allows me to work more efficiently and allows me to keep track of other applications I would be interested in possibly utilizing in the future. For me, it helps when I have all the information and resources necessary to succeed, literally, at my fingertips. The applications and articles that I curated this month were worth keeping throughout this course and beyond. I am especially thankful for the NMT Webmix provided by the instructor.

I believe I have always curated assets, however I am now aware of more options in organizing and storing those assets. Prior to Diigo, Evernote, and Symbaloo, if a certain web app, article, photograph, etc peaked my interest then I would have to create a bookmark for it. The problem with bookmarks is that they add up very quickly and before you know it they get lost in the shuffle. It is interesting to know that there are web apps out there that allow you to keep your assets organized and easily accesible.

Utilizing what I learned about curating allowed me to work more productively and effectively towards a finished product. This experience was definitely enriching and it allowed me to look at a project and feel prepared and ready to conquer it. Curating resources and assets prior to beginning a project reduced the anxiety and stress that often goes hand in hand with high pressure projects.

When it comes to success quality will always take precedent over quantity. Just because something relates to what you re learning does not necessarily mean that it is a must have tool. When critically deciding what to curate and what not to curate, you have to ask yourself, “How will this improve my job?” If you are unable to see the value then it should be passed up and never thought of again. Taking a quality over quantity approach allows you to free up more time to enjoy your life.

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