Week 3 Analysis: Businesses & Audiovisual Media

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August 19, 2015 by Pink Gunpowder

The Full Sail Apple video tells the story of technology. Specifically technology being used in the media industry. This video can be used as a way to promote Apple as well as a recruitment tool for Full Sail. The video highlights the advances that Apple has implemented and the ways in which Full Sail is leveraging this technology. It is a fantastic story of collaboration and advancement. If I were to see this video outside of the context of school, it would make me want to research Full Sail more as well as Apple. This could be a recruitment video for both Apple and Full Sail. They did a great job of highlighting and pointing out the positive payoffs of attending Full Sail and the technology Apple has created to be able to do all that can be done with media.

The video from Dollar Shave Club was definitely entertaining and funny. It seems that the humorous aspect of their adverts is working for them. This definitely tells a story, an off color one but still a story. Who doesn’t understand the frustrations of hygiene after a long stint in the restroom? Why not help to alleviate those issues and annoyances? Way to connect with the masses. I think this was a wonderful way to introduce a new product and the branding is simple but clever, One Wipe Charlies, even the packaging is classy in a redneck, white trash way. Go for it Dollar Shave Club!

The Science World video was definitely the most fun to watch. They did a fantastic job of highlighting how cool their place of work is. I would love to go and visit them. They all looked like they were having a blast and who wouldn’t if you got to spend all day in a place as inspiring as that. The story I saw here was “hey, look at us! We get to have fun and play around all day, for a living! You jealous yet? You should be”.  It was refreshing to see people smiling and laughing. I work all day around people who are unfriendly and seemingly miserable. This video reminded me of the one group I see at least once a day, thankfully, that just wants to have a good time and love life. This was an effective way to get people interested in visiting the museum and having a good time. All that infectious, positive energy is bound to rub off on you.

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