WK2 Analysis: Businesses & The Visual Web

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August 13, 2015 by Pink Gunpowder

Full Sail University’s Pinterest

The visual content on Full Sail’s Pinterest board ranges anywhere from pictures of the campus and the fashion of the students to how to tutorials and examples of student work.

It supports the Full Sail brand in many ways. It gives you a taste of life on campus as well as the lifestyle of the students. The board also highlights things to do and places to live around the campus.

Full Sail engages with their audience by offering relatable information. There are separate boards for places to eat, places to live, décor ideas, and there is also a board that highlights student work and graduate success, among many others.

Dollar Shave Club’s Instagram

The Visual content on Dollar Shave Club’s Instagram is entertaining and funny. Each picture is somehow related back to Dollar Shave Club in the captions utilized.

The Dollar Shave Club brand was made known through viral marketing. It makes sense that random pictures related back to DSC should be entertaining and amusing. This concept falls right in line with their ad campaign. DSC also highlights pictures that have been sent in by their customers in regards to their products.

I noticed as I looked at each of the photos that if comments were made, DSC commented a reply back. It is nice to see a company take the time to respond to their customers or those interested in their products. This is a fantastic example of engagement with customers.

Science World’s Facebook

The Visual Content on Science World’s Facebook page is a mix of different things ranging from informative articles to event announcements. The headlines for the articles tend to be eye catching. Examples are: “For this blog post, we interviewed a bicep…a really talented bicep”. and “No big deal…but it looks like these caterpillars turn ants into zombie bodyguard”.

The content supports the Science World brand by sharing articles related to the Sciences as well as sponsoring events where people can go to learn more about specific topics in the Science World. The event that is being advertised at the moment is “Dinosaurs After Dark” in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Science World engages their audience by creating events or promoting events that are related to the Science World. They respond to visitor comments as well and post articles relevant to science in today’s day and age.

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