WK1 Project: My MCBS Story

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August 9, 2015 by Pink Gunpowder

Before I started the MCBS Program I was working as a Security Officer at SLS Las vegas. In fact, I am still a Security Officer. I had always thought I wanted to do something in Law Enforcement or Psychology. About 5 years ago I was pursuing my Bachelors in Psychology. After many years of school and a Divorce, I became burnt out. I quit school and tried to pick the pieces of my life up.

I decided that I wanted to get out of Las Vegas. I sold all of my belongings and bought a ticket to Florida. I would stay with a good friend of mine until I got on my feet. While in Florida I met a man and I became pregnant. Faced with the reality that I was about to have a baby, and the unfortunate demise of my current relationship at the time, I then come back to Las Vegas so that I could be near my family. I was going to need their help.

I gave birth to my daughter on July 8th, 2013. I decided that I needed to do something more with my life and that is when I came across Full Sail University’s Bachelors of Media Communications online program. Ever since then I decided to pursue my passion for media in relation to law enforcement. I would like to work with the city of Las Vegas towards combating Human Trafficking and Sex trafficking. I would also like to work for a non-profit, faith based organization called, Refuge for Women, that helps to transition women out of the sex industry and into the mainstream workforce.


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