A Letter to my Daughter

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July 26, 2014 by Pink Gunpowder

My Beautiful Zoe-Bird,

You are too young now to really understand what’s going on here and why we are celebrating. Pretty soon though, faster then I like to think about you will approach your birthday with excitement and wonderment. As you get older birthdays will become a time of quiet introspection amidst the celebration. It will be a time when you look back on your year and you will analyze everything you have experienced, and realize all the ways you have grown and all the ways you have remained stagnant. After the analyzing you will look forward to the year ahead and plan out how you want it to go. Spoiler alert, it never goes the way you plan it to.
This year the introspection lies in my hands. This has been a fast flying year. We have experienced good things and bad things and through it all you have been a beacon of light and have given me strength to keep looking forward.
I have thought about the things I wish for you in this lifetime and 4 things have stood out.
The first being, I wish you love. Unconditional, undying, patient love. Always remember baby girl that your Heavenly Father loves you unconditionally without limitations and agendas. With that love you are capable of getting through anything no matter how dark it may seem and always beyond a shadow of a doubt with no hesitations, remember that you, throughout this life, can always come back home.
Second, I wish you patience. Now if you are anything like me this will not come easy. Patience is a virtue I have to force myself to have everyday. To help you gain this I would like to give you this wonderful little tidbit, “Your willingness to wait reveals the value you place on the object you are waiting for.” Never forget that the best things in life are and always will be worth the wait. Don’t rush it. Don’t try to grow up to quickly because as you get older you will look back and miss all of it and you will wish you would have taken more time to simply enjoy and savor every moment.
Third, I wish you a heart of gratitude. You will be blessed. Throughout your life good things and good people will come your way. This will happen when you least expect it in the midst of darkness. Be grateful. Remember things can always be worse. Whenever you feel yourself expecting the good and complaining over the mundane things in life remind yourself there is someone out there who wishes and prays for what you already have.
Last but not least, I wish you strength. Life can be rough, despite the rough stuff, be strong enough to know that life is beautiful. Be strong enough to step up and take a leap of faith when necessary and be strong enough to let go of what does not belong to you, wether it be someone else’s hardship to bear or someone else’s heart. This is not to say don’t care about others and their hardship, this simply means to remember that you will have your own pain. It is not your job to take the pain away from others and take it onto yourself, it is only your job to support those going through it. You will need your strength for all the obstacles you will face in life and that strength will allow you to be strong for others.
My dear, amazing Zoe Bird, I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with joy, laughter and love, with many more to come. I love you more then anything else in this world. I can only hope and pray I am able to convey that as you grow into the awesome woman that I know you will become.
With Love,


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